The Ministry of Defence - Department for National Event Management is responsible for organizing the three National Holidays, and eleven more important historical events.

The Minister of Defence tasks are, among others, to work out the concept of the national events, to lead the authorities and the special institution coordination, to work out and guide the residents communication, and guide the communication with the public media.

Prime Minister's Office/Gergely Botár

Among the National Holidays – 15th March, 20th August, 23rd October – there are other important historical events, such as the Hungarian Germans' Deportation and Explusion Day on 19th January, Memorial Day of the Victims of Communism on 25th February, Memorial Day of Hungarian Victims of the Holocaust on 16th April, Memorial Day of Hungarian Heroes on the last Sunday of May, Day of National Unity on 4th June, Memorial Day of the Reburial of Imre Nagy and His Fellow Martyrs on 16th June, Memorial Day of The Victory of Nándorfehérvár on 22nd July, Memorial Day of the Martyrs of Arad on 6th October, National Day of Mourning on 4th November, Memorial Day of Hungarian State Prisoners and Forced Labourers Deported to the Soviet Union on 25th November and the Christmas of Hungary.

According to the regulation the Minister of Defence leads the Inter-ministerial Coordination Task Force, furthermore it operates a Task Force for the safe National Holidays, called Operatív Törzs (OT). The Ministry of Defence Department for National Event Management works together with other ministerial departments.